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Make Your Business Fairtrade

Working with Fairtrade is a great way to show your support for farmers and producers around the world.

Ways of working with Fairtrade
Fairtrade Month

Fairtrade Month 2019

Whether you're a business or a consumer, feed empowerment for Fairtrade Month this May.

Fairtrade Month

Fairtrade and the SDGs

Learn how Fairtrade is helping work towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

Fairtrade and the SDGs
Taste the good in your coffee

Fairtrade in Your Coffee Shop

Use our new Taste the good in your coffee point-of-sale kits and social media materials.

Fairtrade in your coffee shop
Farmers & Workers

At the heart of Fairtrade

Find out more about the people behind the products we love.

Farmers and Workers

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Fairtrade Brands

Fairtrade Brands

Ever wondered what brands sell Fairtrade? Check out our interactive database of brands & registered companies.

Fair Trade Campus Week

Fair Trade Campus Week

Fair Trade Campus Week will take place a little later in 2019 - mark it in your calendars for October 28th - November 1st.