Cenfrocafe, Peru

Cenfrocafe is a cooperative of coffee producers in the north-western part of Peru. A number of large Canadian roasters import their coffee beans which are known for their floral and fruity flavours.

About Cenfrocafe


Cenfrocafe was formed in 1999 by 11 associations representing 220 small-scale coffee producers. Today it is a large network of more than 90 organizations encompassing around 3000 members. As the organization has grown over the years it has maintained its vision of becoming a leading cooperative in Peru, and to improve the well-being of its members. Becoming Fairtrade certified in 2007 solidified their goals of impact, social responsibility and environmental conservation. Over 90% of their production is organic, with the remainder in transition.

"Fairtrade certification has provided [Cenfrocafe] producers with a fair price for their coffee," says Wilson Santos Olivera Bravo, Vice President of the Board of Directors

Fairtrade Premium

Fairtrade coffee producers receive a Fairtrade Premium on top of the sale price which is intended for democratic investment in their farms and communities. They are required to use a quarter of this Premium for improvements in the productivity and quality of their coffee. As Cenfrocafe has grown they have been able to make a number of major investments, including:

  • their own coffee processing plant;
  • a central storage warehouse, with logistics software and a tasting lab;
  • a program for the development of innovation and entrepreneurship in agriculture; and
  • training and technical assistance for farmers as well as a rotating fund for organic fertilizers.

Cenfrocafe has used the other three-quarters of their Premium to fund a wide range of projects which benefit the members, their families and communities. To help young people in farming areas, they have implemented a project called "Youth Development for Sustainable Coffee Supply Chains". This provides education in cooperative management, coffee production and quality control. Graduates become ambassadors who train farmers and provide other support in their communities.

To promote local consumption of its members’ coffee, the cooperative is investing in cafes in Lima and Jaén, encouraging Peruvians to learn more about Fairtrade and organic production.

The organization also provides members families with funds to cover healthcare costs, and there is an emergency fund for members which covers the cost of funerals.

‘A huge difference in our lives is that now our children can actually go to school, our coffee is being recognized in the market for the quality we produce, and our members can be proud again to be farmers.’ CENFROCAFE founding member, Anselmo Huaman Moreto


This short (3-minute) video gives you a brief overview of Fairtrade at Cenfrocafe.