Fairtrade Standards and Policies

As part of any License Agreement with Fairtrade Canada, all registered operators (licensees, registered traders and sub licensees) must be able to meet and demonstrate compliance with Fairtrade Standards and Policies.


Fairtrade International sets product specific standards as well as standards for supply chain partners (small-producer organizations, hired labour, contract production and traders). The Fairtrade Trader Standard applies to all registered operators buying or selling Fairtrade products, including Canadian licensees. Visit the Standards pages on the Fairtrade International website for more information.

If you are importing directly from the country of origin and/or are the Fairtrade payer, you will need to ensure compliance with the international standards for traders.


All operators must also follow the policies that apply to their Fairtrade products.

NOTE: Please ensure to read these policies and forms as they contain important information on requirements that must be followed to become and remain a licensed company. Contact us if you need additional information.

Product Composition

There are different product composition requirements for:

  • Fairtrade Canada Cosmetics 
  • Fairtrade Canada Flower Guide (bouquet composition)
  • Fairtrade Canada Cotton Products

For more information or to know more about the General Food Product Composition, please refer to section 2.2 of the Trader Standard. You can also reference the Fact Sheet on Fairtrade composite products here.

Compliance Criteria

The Public Compliance Criteria contains all Fairtrade Standards that apply to any/all types of operators including all product categories, different types of traders, conveyors of Minimum Price and Premium, and more. If you are a new partner with Fairtrade Canada, refer to this document to understand the various FLOCERT Compliance Criteria and those elements that will apply during an audit.

If you have any further questions, please contact us