Become a Retailer

Canadian customers want to know where their products come from, how they're grown or produced and by whom. Fairtrade Canada can help you in attracting this growing ethical consumer segment.

Why Carry Fairtrade

Consumer interest into production methods is growing consistently year on year. They want to know how the commodities are grown, where, and by whom—and stores need to keep up in order to be competitive and provide the transparency that consumers are looking for to guide their purchasing decisions.

One way to enhance your transparency as retailer or foodservice establishment is to do so by sourcing products that carry the FAIRTRADE Mark, the most trusted ethical label in the world. 

In fact in a recent independent Globescan study more than 8 in 10 Canadians who have seen the FAIRTRADE Mark feel it has a positive impact on their perceptions of products carrying the label. Consumers indicate that the FAIRTRADE Mark is increasingly associated with their personal values, and they are proud to be seen with the label.

It's not just grocery stores that can carry Fairtrade. We also work with cafes selling Fairtrade certified coffee and tea, businesses sourcing Fairtrade certified cotton, and offices providing Fairtrade certified sugar.

How to Carry Fairtrade

Visit our Fairtrade Brands guide to find information about the wide-range of companies and brands that carry the FAIRTRADE Mark in Canada.

Reach out to companies that use Fairtrade directly or contact us for the best way to source Fairtrade certified products.

Promoting Fairtrade

Fairtrade Month (May) in Canada is a key focal point in the retail calendar, and is a fantastic opportunity to highlight your location as a proud destination for Fairtrade products in your community. For a list of participating retailers click here.

Whether you are a large banner, independent store, restaurant, coffee shop or foodservice operator, Fairtrade Canada has point of sale material to assist you in highlighting your Fairtrade offering year round.

If you would like to request our free retail point of sale material, or wish to receive the digital assets to create your own custom material, please contact us at to find out more.

We also offer a wide range of promotional materials to help communicate with your customers about Fairtrade – visit our Materials & Resources section to download or order pre-printed resources.