Who is eligible to apply/be nominated for the Canadian Fairtrade Awards?

  • Any Fairtrade Canada Licensee using the FAIRTRADE Mark with sales or promotional activity in Canada.
  • Any FLOCERT-registered trader doing business in Canada with Fairtrade certified products.
  • Any retailer in Canada with sales or promotional activity of products bearing the FAIRTRADE Mark.
  • Private labels of Canadian licensees and U.S. traders selling in to Canada.
  • Fair trade groups that are either designated as a recognized Fair Trade Program (Town, Campus, School, Event, Workplace, Faith Group) or who are officially and actively working towards Fair Trade Program designation are eligible to apply. Designated Fair Trade Programs must have submitted their yearly renewal in order to be eligible.
  • Members of Fairtrade Canada.
  • Fairtrade Canada volunteers.
  • A previous year’s Canadian Fairtrade Awards winner.

Note: In order to be eligible, you only need to meet at least one of the above mentioned criteria.

Note: Applications or nominations can be made in multiple categories, however any company, group or individual can only win in one category per year.


* only the current FAIRTRADE Mark as represented by the international Fairtrade system is eligible   

Who is not eligible to apply/be nominated for the Canadian Fairtrade Awards?

  • Fairtrade Canada staff and Fairtrade Canada Board of Directors members, their affiliations or organizations.
  • Contracted partners or suppliers of Fairtrade Canada.
  • Applications containing the sale or promotion of non-Fairtrade certified products represented by older or unaffiliated certification schemes (* only the current FAIRTRADE Mark as represented by the international Fairtrade system is eligible).
  • Current judges that are evaluating 2019 applications.
  • Groups and individuals who have won the last 2 years in a row in the same Canadian Fairtrade Awards category are not eligible for that specific Awards category. They can however apply to other Awards categories, and will be eligible to apply again next year.


  • Any organization or individual including the members of Fairtrade Canada can nominate an eligible organization, individual and/or themselves and submit an application(s).
  • Fairtrade Canada and the Fairtrade Canada Board of Directors can encourage an eligible organization or individual to nominate themselves, but cannot submit an application on their behalf with the exception of the Fairtrade Lifetime Achievement application.
  • For the content comprised in application, the eligibility period is from January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2019.
  • The final day for receipt of applications is December 5, 2019 at 11:59PM PST. No late applications will be accepted.
  • Only applications that are submitted via the online form provided will be considered. Judges will consider no more than 3 photos (in jpg, gif or png files). No external links will be reviewed.


  • A Canadian Fairtrade Awards sponsor can also be a Canadian Fairtrade Awards judge.
  • All Award categories are independently judged by the Canadian Fairtrade Awards judging panel except:
    • The Lifetime Achievement Award – this Award is judged jointly by Fairtrade Canada’s Executive Director and Board Chair.
    • The Fairtrade All-Star – this will be voted on by the fair trade community.
    • The Fair Trade Campus Week All-Star – this will be selected based on the National Challenge criteria.
  • The same individual cannot be a judge 2 years in a row.