Fairtrade Awards Q&A

Why are the Awards changing?

While celebrating best-in-class for Fair Trade Programs as well as business, retail, and trader partners has been an exciting way to recognize leaders in the Canadian fair trade movement, we want to ensure that the Canadian Fairtrade Awards reflect the greater vision and values of fair trade. We want to recognize the specific qualities and strengths exemplified by the collective fair trade community that have contributed to the vibrant, dedicated movement in Canada.

We also wanted to open up our community Awards categories to fair trade groups working tirelessly on their Fair Trade Program designation. As some of the most active fair trade advocates, we wanted to have the opportunity to celebrate those who are still on the journey of designation.

You can read more about why we’ve made this change here.

Are winners still selected by an independent panel of judges?

Yes! We see this as an important part of the Fairtrade Awards process. This year, 9 of the 12 categories will be judges by an independent panel of 3 judges (with the exception of the Fairtrade All-Star, Lifetime Achievement, and Fair Trade Campus Week All-Star awards).

For a second year in a row, we are excited to include on our panel a representative from a Fairtrade Producer Network who be judging our nominees.

Can I apply for multiple categories?

Absolutely! If you feel that your work fits multiple categories, you are welcome to apply to them all. Just remember to take time and customize your response on why you feel you deserve to win in that category.

What time period will be considered for the Fairtrade Awards?

The eligibility period is from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019. Activities, events, campaigns, promotion, product launches, etc. included in your application should fall within this timeframe in order to be considered. Anything outside of this time scope will not be presented to the judges for consideration.

Can individuals apply to the Awards?

The only category that will accept an individual is the Fairtrade Business Leader category. All other categories for both business and community must be for an organization (i.e., fair trade committee, business, retail, trader, etc.).

Can non-Fair Trade Program designated groups apply?

Yes! So long as you are actively and demonstrably working on your Fair Trade Program designation you are welcome to apply for in one of the community categories.

How can I make my application stand out?

The judges will be looking for thoughtful responses on how you are leading the way in advocating for sustainable, fair terms of trade. Showing concrete examples on how you are making a difference will increase your chances of standing out.

Will you be accepting images?

Yes! You can submit up to three images with your application.

Will you be accepting documents or external URLs?

No. No documents will be accepted and external URLs will not be reviewed. Please detail any activities, media coverage, etc. in your submission form if you would like these to be considered.

Can I submit paper applications?

No. Only applications submitted through our online survey will be accepted. However, you can review all the questions before hand by downloading a PDF version of the questions under each category.

Who can I contact if I have questions about my application?

If you are a business, retailer or trader, please contact your account manager: garine.aintablian@fairtrade.ca (coffee) or Robert.Desson@fairtrade.ca (all other categories).

If you are a fair trade community group, please contact awards@fairtrade.ca.