April 2017 - How Sweet is Fairtrade?

Every month Fairtrade Canada puts the spotlight on one or more Fairtrade certified product categories. In April we focus on Fairtrade sugar and frozen treats.

When you shop for sugar bearing the FAIRTRADE Mark it means a sweeter deal for more than 62,000 small-scale sugar farmers who work within the Fairtrade system. They benefit significantly from the Fairtrade Premium which is often used to enhance farming techniques. In addition, the Premium is used to fund as community initiatives such as health care and education.

Spring arrives in much of the country in April so we can enjoy indulgences such as ice cream, non-dairy alternatives and freezies. Search our interactive database for the ‘frozen treats’ category to see what options are available with the FAIRTRADE Mark.

Producer Portrait

Carlos Arguero in his sugar cane field in Paraguay © TransFair e.V.

Carlos has been a member of Manduvira Co-operative since 2012. The Co-operative, located in the South-West of Paraguay, has been Fairtrade certified since 1999. From an initial membership of 200 producers, it has grown to more than 1700. In 2014 Manduvira opened the world’s first producer-owned sugar mill for Fairtrade organic sugar.

"My father was one of the first members of the Co-operative. Now we have our own production line for sugar. Before we only cultivated, now we are producers."

Read more about Manduvira on our Farmers & Workers page.