July 2017 - Choose Fairtrade cosmetics and personal care products for soft, healthy skin and hair

Every month Fairtrade Canada puts the spotlight on one or more Fairtrade certified product categories. In July we focus on cosmetics and personal care products. The FAIRTRADE Mark can be found on a wide range of body care options, from lip balms and soaps to body lotions and scrubs.

Fairtrade certified shea butter, from countries such as Burkina Faso and Ghana, found in many skin care products – in its pure form, or as an ingredient in balms and lotions. Shea butter is a gentle natural moisturizer which helps keep skin silky smooth all year round, whether it has had too much sun in the summer, or is dried out by winter’s cold.

Argan oil from Morocco is a developing product in the Fairtrade world but is rapidly becoming known as an excellent moisturizer for skin and hair.

Many other Fairtrade certified ingredients can be found in personal care products, including coffee, rice and sugar which can act as exfoliators in body and face scrubs. Cocoa butter and olive oil are also used in lotions, balms, body washes and rejuvenating masks.

Make ethical choices part of your daily skin care routine by looking for the FAIRTRADE Mark on your bath and body products.

Search our Fairtrade Brands database for ‘cosmetics’ to see what products are available.

Producer Portrait

Georgina Alazeena

Georgina Alazeena – a shea butter producer and member of Akoma Cooperative - Bolgatanga, Ghana ©Nathalie Bertrams

Georgina lives in Pusu Namogo near Bolgatanga. She serves as the secretary for the Akoma Cooperative. Her income from Fairtrade shea butter production allows her to keep her 4 children in school so that they get a valuable education.