May 2017 - Celebrate Fairtrade

May is Fairtrade Month – a chance to celebrate Fairtrade’s achievements in Canada and around the world.

Increasing sales of Fairtrade certified products in Canada doesn’t just mean growing impact for 1.66 million producers in the Global South. It also means worker’s rights, gender equality, protection of the environment and prohibiting child labour. It means driving change in their communities through the Fairtrade Premium. It means farmers and workers are able to live life with dignity and hope.

This month we encourage you to join Fairtrade farmers, workers and supporters across the planet and register your personal Fairtrade celebrations at – whether it is a quiet coffee or tea break by yourself, a gathering of friends or family, or a larger celebration in your community. 

Producer Portrait

Mak Azmi picking coffee cherries in Indonesia. © Nathalie Bertrams

Mak Azmi owns a 1.3 hectare coffee garden in Indonesia, and is a member of the Kopepi Ketiara cooperative. She gets two coffee harvests annually and sells her entire crop to the cooperative on Fairtrade terms. She has received Fairtrade Premiums in the form of direct payments, as well as agricultural tools to help control grass and weeds in her garden. She expects that going forward the cooperative will also help with training on organic fertilizers and the prevention of coffee diseases.

“All my children have their own life. Therefore I’d like to go to Mecca on pilgrimage. I am keen to visit other farmers in another country as well so that I can learn from other coffee farmers how they cultivate their garden.”

The Kopepi Ketiara cooperative has been Fairtrade certified since 2012 and now includes around 1800 members. All their coffee is sold as Fairtrade and organic. 25% of the Fairtrade Premium received is allocated to productivity and quality improvement through capacity building, organic farming and environmental training. In recent years, climate change has been affecting coffee production with prolonged rainy seasons and unexpected dry spells.