Fairtrade Month

Fairtrade Month is the biggest time of year where leaders, businesses, schools and many others celebrate everything Fairtrade from all products to the farmers and workers that we work with. 

Why Fairtrade Month?

“Before you finish eating breakfast in the morning, you’ve depended on more than half the world” – Martin Luther King

While every day should be a celebration of Fairtrade products, May is the opportunity to come together to celebrate and demand fair deals for the producers of the Global South. Join thousands of Canadians from coast to coast and choose products that change lives!

Fairtrade at retail

Bunkend Display

By choosing products with the FAIRTRADE Mark this May, you are supporting companies who work with farmers in the Global south, in order for these communities to grow and develop.

Check out our 2017 list of retailers who participated in Fairtrade Month - look for signage in store to see where the Fairtrade products are located. Some retailers may have Fairtrade products on promotion, while others will offer samples from a demonstration table.

If your local retailer does not carry Fairtrade products, ask them to change that! Put them in touch with us at retail@fairtrade.ca - we can support them with in store promotional material, as well as connecting them with the companies that distribute Fairtrade products. Tell them you wish to choose goods that have a positive impact on the world.

Free Promotional materials

If you are a retailer, please ensure to contact retail@fairtrade.ca by Friday April 14 to ensure you get your point of sale kit (available while stocks last).

If you are organizing an initiative within your community, school, faith group or workplace, make sure to order your free promotional materials early enough as we expect a higher demand than usual and there is usually approximately a 3 week delay!

Let's Get Social

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