Fairtrade Month



8 ways Fairtrade farmers protect the environmentFarmers say the climate emergency is one of the number one threats they face. Millions of farmers around the world who rely on agriculture for their livelihoods are among the worst affected.

Urgent action is needed from everyone in order to address the climate crisis and hold the global rise in temperature to 1.5 degrees or less.

Fairtrade is a choice for nature, and a way of farming that safeguards both humans and the environment.

Fairtrade is supporting farmers and workers adapt to the changing climate, and is helping to mitigate other major environmental problems, like biodiversity loss, soil degradation, the use of harmful chemicals and excessive water consumption.

This Fairtrade Month, we stand FOR PEOPLE AND FOR PLANET by choosing to support producers in the Global South in the fight for climate resilience.

Here’s how you can get involved

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