Fairtrade and the Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015 the United Nations adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) intended to transform our world – to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. With specific targets to be achieved by 2030, governments, businesses, civil society and every person in the world need to work together to make them a reality. 


Fairtrade Canada is committed to playing our part because the SDGs are closely linked to our vision:

A world where trade justice and sustainable development principles are practiced globally, thereby moving world farmers and workers from a position of vulnerability to security and economic self-sufficiency.

We will therefore be focusing on specific Goals each month during 2018 and 2019 – see the calendar further down this page.

We will have regular blog posts on SDG themes, and will provide digital tools for you to share on online to help spread the word about the Goals and what Fairtrade is doing to help drive towards them. The goals will also be highlighted as part of our promotions including Fairtrade Month and Fair Trade Campus Week.

We encourage all of our Canadian licensees, designated Fair Trade Programs and Fairtrade supporters to join us on this journey towards a better world for all. Check back in on this page in the coming weeks and months as we expand the content.


January-February  SDG 1
March-April  SDG 5
May-June  SDG 17
July-August  SDG 10
September-October  SDG 4
November-December  SDG 12


March-April  SDG 6
May-June  SDG 8
July-August  SDG 9
September-October  SDG 10
November-December  SDG 16