24 November, 2016

Green Campus Co-op

by Madison Hopper, Fair Trade Toronto

While York University is pushing hard for their official Fair Trade Campus status an endearing little co-­op has already started paving the way to grow the fair trade movement, post designation by starting their own student and faculty run not-­for profit cooperative business.


The Green Campus Co-­op otherwise known as the GCC is a new start up in the fair trade, organic t-­‐shirt market and business is booming. On top of the Liberal Arts and Professional Studies Faculty (York) purchasing a whopping 5,000 shirts, several other organizations have been purchasing smaller orders. “Interest is ramping up in different sector for our products coming from what we think is the most sustainable cotton supply chain available in Canada to date.” Says the co-operative board president, Darryl Reed.

CottonThe shirts were made in Tamil Nadu, India by Assisi Garments, a company that began as a rehabilitation center, but now employs over 300 workers, many of whom are marginalized and physically challenged women. Assisi is also able to support retirement homes, cancer treatment facilities, and clinics from their earning. On top of this, Assisi’s sales growth has greatly increased the prevalence of Organic cotton production in India. This not only reduces the amount of agro-­chemicals used in cotton production, but is also rehabilitating previously damaged farmland.

Please visit the Green Campus Co-­op website -­ www.greencampuscoops.com -­ to order your shirts and get more information on its products and co-­operative.