21 October, 2016

Power of Many: Fair Trade Campus Week 2016

by Mélissa Dubé, Outreach Manager, Fairtrade Canada

I’m always amazed by the creativity, energy and enthusiasm that I witness on a daily basis. Fair trade brings passionate and caring people together for a common goal - to support producers and farmers from the Global South to have access to a fair deal. I’m delighted to share with you another example of how the Power of many is incredible via this recent outreach initiative! 

Fair Trade Campus Week

For the 4th annual 20 companies involved and Food Service companies such as Aramark, Brown’s Dining Solutions and Chartwells.

Fair Trade Campus Week helps facilitate a dialogue between suppliers and campuses on the subject of new products.

Kim Chackal – Sales Manager, Equifruit, Inc.

Fair Trade Campus Week is an opportunity for all Canadian Campuses and friends to celebrate fair trade and impact of Fairtrade. Organizers are extremely creative and come up with dynamic ideas to engage students and staff.  These activities can go from trivia nights, prize wheels, delicious giveaways, workshops, photo booths, informative and engaging kiosks, to social media contest, guest speakers and petitions (and many more).

Fair Trade Campus WeekThroughout the Week many people were made aware of what fair trade is and activities took place in Campuses in all 10 provinces! In fact, more than 23,000 people across the country received Fairtrade product samples and many others exchanged on the importance of fair trade. This was a great opportunity to discover new Fairtrade products! There are actually Campuses that are already exploring making permanently available Fairtrade products received as donations during Fair Trade Campus Week. Of course, a lot of visibility also happened on social media – take a look at the posts captured via our Storify (I dare you to scroll all the waydown!). Imagine what the overall reach is when seeing how many people participated and the fact that Fairtrade Canada’s social media accounts alone generated 65,000 impressions.

Fair Trade Campus WeekIn 2017 we will be holding our 5th edition of Fair Trade Campus Week (September 25-29) and we look forward to working with Campuses and partners and making it even bigger and better! 100% of the responding Campuses who participated this year will participate again next year so it promises to be yet again very energetic. Don’t miss out and be part of this fun initiative and contact us today to get involved.

Fair Trade Campus Week