4 December, 2017

Celebrating Fair Trade Weddings

Ben & Alysha
by Ian Brown, Fairtrade Canada

While many of you have attended public Fair Trade Events, such as festivals or conferences, did you know that private events can also be designated  as Fair Trade? This year saw the first four Fair Trade weddings in Canada, with three in Manitoba and one in Quebec. 

The happy couples chose to make their already very special day even more meaningful by thinking of farmers and workers in the Global South when planning their wedding. This included sourcing as many Fairtrade products as possible for their receptions, and sharing information about fair trade with their guests. Locally-sourced foods were often used where Fairtrade options weren’t available.

For Ben and Alysha, (pictured above, photos by kampphotography) their Gimli, MB, celebration featured Fairtrade certified wine, roses, vodka, coffee, tea and chocolates. Guests received favours which included Fairtrade coffee, tea and sugar. Ben’s parents even took a moment during their speech to explain the significance of fair trade!

Ben & Alysha  Ben & Alysha  Ben & Alysha

Meanwhile, for Catherine and Vincent in St-Jude, Quebec, the wedding and engagement rings were made with Fairtrade certified gold, and Fairtrade coffee, tea and sugar were served at the reception. Guests also received Fairtrade tea as wedding favours.

Catherine, a mobilization officer with Oxfam-Quebec, said: "I work every day with young people and the general public to ask them to be part of the solution, to be a citizen of the world, and to put their values ​​into action. This day would not have been a real reflection of us as a couple if responsible consumption and fair trade had not been included. A good party should rhyme with solidarity!”

Catherine & Vincent  Catherine & Vincent

Photo: Valérie Paquette, Photographer

Responsible consumption was also a key feature of the wedding of Amber and Patrick in Winnipeg. Fairtrade sugar, chocolate and tea were provided during the reception, along with information materials for guests. Amber’s wedding dress was adapted from the one belonging to Patrick’s mother, the rings originally belonged to Amber’s grandparents, and the wedding party and guests all carpooled to the venue.

Amber & Patrick  Amber & Patrick

Pictures by Hailey Funk Photography.

We look forward to seeing more Fair Trade Weddings in 2018. Learn more here about how to have your private event designated as Fair Trade, and contact us at action@fairtrade.ca.