26 January, 2017

University of Ottawa has new Fairtrade ancillary information in 6 locations

by Maryann Moffitt in collaboration with Mélissa Dubé

The University of Ottawa became Canada’s 7th Fair Trade Campus in early 2014. Since then, they have been actively promoting fair trade by holding initiatives such as Muggy Mondays or by participating in Fair Trade Campus Week. They’ve recently added informative Fairtrade ancillary information in 6 locations.

Here’s what Maryann Moffitt, Dietitian and Food Liaison Officer, had to say:

uOttawa“Sustainability and social responsibility are increasingly becoming core characteristics of the University of Ottawa identity and vision. We not only became a Fair Trade Campus, but our board passed an ethical purchasing policy to encapsulate the values typified by the FAIRTRADE Mark.

As we discussed how to incorporate ancillary information about fair trade in a meaningful way in our retail locations, our team recognized that highlighting the Fairtrade status of our house brands positioned them as premium products and increased their value. She was then able to adapt the bilingual infographic developed by Fairtrade Canada to fit the locations. The clings not only help us meet Fair Trade Campus requirements, but they help tell the story of the brand of our cafés, enhance the spaces and show students how we align with the values of their generation.”

Needless to say that at Fairtrade Canada we’re all huge fans of these new visuals! If you want to get started on similar initiatives in your location – whether it is in a Campus or in your Workplace – get in touch with us!

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