27 June, 2017

Helen Reimer Visits Vancouver

Helen Reimer at Praemium Chocolates
by Helen Reimer, Fairtrade Canada

As Fairtrade Canada’s new Director of Business Development, I recently took a trip to Canada’s West Coast. 

It was my first time in the beautiful city of Vancouver, and it’s an incredible city. Not only is it surrounded by stunning landscapes, but there is a real energy for Fairtrade and ethical decisions.

One of the perks of my job was visiting Praemium Chocolates in Port Coquitlam and having a tour of their chocolate factory. There is good news for chocolate lovers – Whistler Chocolate Bars are now Fairtrade, and they are delicious!

Praemium Chocolates Helen Reimer at Praemium Chocolates 

Helen Reimer at Praemium Chocolates 

Next stop was Everland Foods, producers of a wide range of quality food. They already offer Fairtrade sugar, cookies, nut butters and cocoa powder and we are working together to expand their range – so watch this space!

Helen Reimer at Everland Foods