9 November, 2017

Go Fairtrade This Holiday Season

Ethical Bean
by Ian Brown, Fairtrade Canada

This holiday season your gift-giving and entertaining can have a meaningful impact beyond the immediate gratitude of your family and friends. Buying Fairtrade certified products to give as gifts or to serve to your guests can make a huge difference in the lives of families and communities in the Global South. 

By changing the way trade works, Fairtrade means farmers and workers, who are disadvantaged by regular commercial business methods, can instead make a sustainable income for their products. They also receive an additional Fairtrade Premium which is often used to improve agricultural practices, or to better their communities through schools, housing or healthcare facilities.

FAIRTRADE MarkCheck out our full list of registered brands and companies to see who sells Fairtrade products across Canada – always  look for the FAIRTRADE Mark on products to be sure that what you are buying meets our rigorous international Standards.

Here are a few products that we love at this time of the year and we’re sure you will too!

Ethical Bean Coffee’s Classic medium roast (shown above) is a coffee insider's favourite and the ‘little black dress’ of their line up.  It is available in whole bean, ground, or compostable Keurig pods. Use promo code "GIVEFAIR" for 20% off online orders for any coffee lover on your list. 

DivineFor a delectable Christmas countdown, every window of Divine Chocolate’s colourful Advent Calendar reveals a portion of the Christmas story - and yields a scrumptious, melt-in-your-mouth milk chocolate heart. 5% of sales from this Advent Calendar will go towards empowerment initiatives for the women cocoa farmers of Kuapa Kokoo in Ghana.

DivineDivine also offers two very tasty limited-edition chocolate bars for the holidays: dark chocolate with hazelnuts and cranberries, and milk chocolate with spiced cookies for a truly nostalgic treat. 

Ben & Jerry'sWhen you’re hosting guests, consider serving delicious Ben & Jerry's non-dairy Fairtrade ice cream flavors for dessert.  This new vegan, non-GMO range is made with almond milk, and is loaded with chunks & swirls.

Galerie au ChocolatGalerie au Chocolat presents a special gift box containing 16 pieces of Fairtrade chocolate. Made with premium Belgian chocolate and organic cane sugar, they add high quality inclusions and fillings made with exceptional ingredients. 

BalzacsFor brisk mornings, or afternoons around the fire, Balzac’s seasonal Winter Blend is a rich and harmonious brew, with delightful notes of sweet plum and dark chocolate. 

CaminoIf you need to warm up after some cold-weather activities, indulge yourself and your family with a delicious hot chocolate. For all vegans and foodies out there who are often left with little choice, the Camino Maple Hot Chocolate is vegan friendly and carefully blended with local organic maple sugar to make it a truly Canadian hot chocolate suitable for all ages. 

TheobromaWhy not enjoy Theobroma’s fine chocolate bars this holiday season? Theobroma’s chocolate masters introduce a new line of smooth and creamy 80g chocolate bars in re-sealable packaging.  Made in Canada from clean and simple ingredients, the bars are organic, gluten-free, Fairtrade and GMO-free. 

DelapointeKarité Delapointe’s SOFTNESS Sinamay bag is eco-friendly and is the perfect gift that you can offer this Christmas to somebody who loves to pamper their skin. The products pamper and soothe the body and soul with their lovely floral natural aromas. Lavender, chamomile, and violet…  100 % Natural, organic and Fairtrade certified. 

Alter EcoThe Salted Caramel and Sea Salt Truffles from Alter Eco are crafted with signature Ecuadorian cacao and nutrient-rich coconut oil. Each perfectly portioned treat is organic, Fairtrade and made from the highest quality ingredients, enclosed in a compostable wrapper.  Both truffles have a subtle crunch of an organic, dark chocolate shell covering a silky, melt-in-your-mouth center made with nourishing coconut oil. 

OasisPerhaps you want a personalized gift to give to family and friends? Oasis Bags allows you to customize Fairtrade certified t-shirts (white and black) and cotton bags for this Christmas season or any other special occasion. 

Endangered SpeciesGifts that give back are always well received. Since 1993, Endangered Species Chocolate has been helping fund the preservation of at-risk species while simultaneously supporting sustainable livelihoods for African cocoa farmers- boosting social, economic and environmental conditions in their communities. Their chocolate contains fully traceable Fairtrade cocoa beans out of West Africa. Indulge in a cause that uses the universal appeal of chocolate to support species, habitat and humanity.  

While we always encourage conscious consumption we hope that by choosing some Fairtrade options from the products listed above you will be able to celebrate the holidays in style while giving a thought to the farmers and workers behind them.