13 September, 2017

A note from the Executive Director, Julie Francoeur

Julie Francoeur
by Julie Francoeur, Fairtrade Canada

I am thrilled to have taken on the Executive Direction of Fairtrade Canada this last July, after more than 8 years working with producers in Latin America and the Caribbean in support of their commitment to fair trade and their journey on Fairtrade certification. 

My career in fair trade began in Quebec first as a volunteer, then working with responsible apparel actors in the early 2000s. This is a first greeting to all of you and my promise of a personal commitment to building a fruitful collaboration between Canadian and global players in fair trade. Together, we can improve the living standards of producers and workers in the South through decent incomes and wages and sustainable agriculture.

As Fairtrade Canada continues to celebrate its 20th year anniversary, we can pause to see how the panorama has changed since 1997. More and more Canadians look for the FAIRTRADE Mark when they go shopping. We see small and large retailers and food companies take on supply chain sustainability as a real work stream. We are growing an engaged and passionate movement throughout the country. We also finally have a national context in which the Canadian government is looking into supply chain responsibility in human rights giving us a unique chance at driving lasting impact for the people we have been working for all along.

Having worked with Fairtrade farmers and workers since 2008 and within the larger movement since 2005, I have full confidence that we are all going in the right direction and are building strong foundations to make trade more fair and increase livelihoods and income for Fairtrade farmers and workers worldwide. It’s a pleasure to embark on this journey with all of you!