12 December, 2018

5 ways to add some Fairtrade magic to your holiday season

by Gabriela Warrior Renaud, Fairtrade Canada

1. At Home

While you are busy treating your friends and family this holiday season, don’t forget about yourself! Take a detour at your local grocery shop, or browse online, and add some of your favorite Fairtrade items in your shopping cart.

Here are some of my go-to holiday favourites:

  Sweet Leaf       Camino       Fair Squared

  • Dark chocolate advent calendar from Divine. Countdown the days until Christmas with this deliciously vegan Advent Calendar. As a surprise bonus, each window reveals smooth dark chocolate in the shape of forest animals.
  • Maple hot chocolate from Camino. After a nice snowy walk, or a good shoveling session, I like to cozy up and enjoy this classic drink, with a twist.
  • Winter blend from Balzac’s Coffee Roasters. I love starting my mornings with Balzac’s Winter Blend, with delightful notes of sweet plum and dark chocolate.
  • Shea In The Buff by Sweet Leaf Bath Company. On cold winter days where my skin feels like it needs a little extra TLC, I like to use Sweet Leaf’s Shea In The Bluff. Their Fairtrade Shea comes from the Leo region of Burkino Faso and uses the traditional African methods handed down from generation to generation. Plus, this product come is a 100% PCW compostable jar!
  • Apricot Facial Scrub by FAIR SQUARED. My winter hibernation routine always include at-home spa days. I love using this scrub; the Fairtrade apricot kernel oil and green tea always leaves my skin feeling sustainably nourished.

2. At Work

If your work doesn’t already serve Fairtrade coffee (which it probably does, because you and your workplace are awesome), why not plan a Fairtrade coffee break with your team to celebrate the holiday season? You can even use this time to chat with your colleagues about becoming a Fair Trade Workplace! Get the conversation going with some of our fun educational material you can order free of charge, right from our online shop.

3. As a Host

When hosting a dinner party, do you plan your meal according to what dessert you’ll be serving? Oh, is that just me? In any case, wow your guests with some amazing treats prepared with Fairtrade ingredients.

Check out our new Fairtrade recipe page for some of our holiday favourites. Here are a couple of my coup-de-coeur recipes:


4. As a Guest

Whether you’re attending a holiday party, or spending the weekend at your in-laws, why not take those opportunities to start introducing Fairtrade and ethical gifts to your family and friends?

Upgrade Uncle Jim’s coffee collection with delicious and exciting Fairtrade blends. Bring over your favourite Fairtrade roast, and play barista during your stay. Great chats can happen over breakfast and coffee, and Uncle Jim may be surprised at how much he enjoys drinking Fairtrade coffee, and how easy it is to get!

My favourite dinner parties are full of great food, lovely people and engaging discussions. Start the conversation about trade justice while guests enjoy your famous chocolate banana cake, made with Fairtrade cocoa, bananas, sugar and spices. Let’s reconnect with our food, and understand the journey all these ingredients have taken before ending up on our tables.

5. As Gifts

Give a gift that keeps on giving. Through a Minimum Price and Premium, Fairtrade ensures that the farmers and workers who work tirelessly to produce the goods we love can live a decent and sustainable life.

In the spirit of meaningful consumerism, we believe in gifting gifts that are useful, made to last and of course, produced under fair terms of trade. And if you are looking for an alternative to the traditional wrapping paper that gets immediately thrown out, why not give your gift in an Oasis Made Fairtrade cotton bag? Their heavyweight and roomy totes are my favourite grocery bags.

Here are some ideas for fun Fairtrade and ethical presents that we hope will delight your loved ones this holiday season:

Volo          Green Campus Coop          Douceur de Géraldine

  • Soccer balls from Volo. Thinking of encouraging your little one’s fancy footwork early on? Volo is your one-shop-stop for Fairtrade-certified soccer balls.
  • Shoes from Etik & Co. This young Montreal-based company curates ethical fashion items that meet the highest standards for human rights and the respect of the environment.
  • Customized t-shirt from Green Campus Co-op. Has your friend just started their own craft business? Why not customize a comfortable Fairtrade cotton tshirt with their brand that they can wear at their next craft show!
  • Skin care products from Douceur de Géraldine. Douceur de Géraldine specializes in all-natural soaps, balms and butters, with two soaps designed specifically with baby in mind, using Fairtrade-certified shea butter in several products.