5 March, 2018

2017 Canadian Fairtrade Awards

2017 Winners
by Ian Brown, Fairtrade Canada

On Saturday March 3rd, the 2017 Canadian Fairtrade Awards were presented to individuals, businesses and organizations to celebrate their achievements in the world of Fairtrade. More than 150 guests attended the ceremony held at the SFU Segal Building in Vancouver, in conjunction with the 6th annual Canadian Fair Trade Conference organized by CFTN.

As in previous years, the number and quality of the applications was very high – it is inspiring to see all the good Fairtrade work being done by so many people, companies and groups.  We would like to thank our panel of independent judges for taking on the challenging task of evaluating the applications and deciding on the winners.

  • Vera Belazelkoska (Ulula)
  • Lindsay Colley (Canadian Public Accountability Board)
  • Kimberly Gibbons (Ontario Council for International Cooperation)

We added two new categories this year

  • Fair Trade Ambassador of the Year - to celebrate our Fair Trade Ambassador program
  • Excellence in Producer Partnership - to recognize the excellent work done by Canadian companies for producers in the Global South.

We are thrilled to announce our winners, in the order they received trophies on the night.

Each individual winner will be highlighted in a blog post over the next few months, so stay tuned to learn more about them.

We also announced Special Recognition for 3 groups:

  • Fair Trade Town All Star: Brandon, Manitoba – for their continuous commitment to Fair Trade within the community.
  • Retailer: Federated Co-operatives Limited – for their ongoing support of Fairtrade at a retail level.
  • Event: The World’s Largest Fair Trade Bake Sale – a national campaign spearheaded by Oliver De Volpi of McGill University.