15 October, 2018

SDG 3 – Good Health and Well-Being

Ma Joaquina Garcia Molina
by Ian Brown, Fairtrade Canada

Continuing our series of blog posts about the relationship between the Sustainable Development Goals and Fairtrade, Goal number 3 is Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

The UN states that this Goal “addresses all major health priorities, including reproductive, maternal and child health; communicable, non-communicable and environmental diseases; universal health coverage; and access for all to safe, effective, quality and affordable medicines and vaccines.”

Fairtrade has strict economic, social and environmental Standards, which better place farmers and workers to be healthier through:

  • sustainable incomes, which allow them to provide food and healthcare for their families;
  • social programs for rural communities, such as medical facilities and services; and
  • protection of the environment, including reducing pesticide use, and harm-prevention strategies for when they are used.

In some cases, the Fairtrade Premium – an additional sum paid to producers of all Fairtrade commodities - is used specifically for health-related projects for the benefit of the entire community. Medical clinics, maternity and infant specialists, vaccinations, dental treatment, optometrist services and education on health issues have been funded at a number of Fairtrade producer organizations around the world.

The image above shows Ma Joaquina Garcia Molina in the medical clinic which serves around 300 people in the village of Estanzuelas in Honduras. The clinic is funded by the Fairtrade Premium received by the coffee coop CABRIPEL. She has worked at the clinic for 11 years. "People come with injuries and illnesses and we treat them all," says Ma. "I've done several training courses in first aid and in primary health care." Photo by Sean Hawkey.