25 October, 2018

Discovery Organics – 2017 Trader of the Year

by Ian Brown, Fairtrade Canada

Continuing our series of posts looking at the winners of the 2017 Canadian Fairtrade Awards, today we’re looking at Discovery Organics – winner of the 2017 Trader of the Year award, which recognizes a Fairtrade trader for their partnership with Fairtrade producers and their commitment to working with Fairtrade certified products.

Discovery Organics is a repeat winner of this award, having also won in 2016.  The company’s ongoing commitment to importing year-round and seasonal Fairtrade fruits for retail and wholesale across western Canada is to be admired. Some highlights of their application:

  • Discovery seeks to encourage their suppliers to diversify their range of Fairtrade offerings, both to ensure maximum benefits for their communities, and to introduce new Fairtrade certified produce into Canadian markets.
  • They offer essential market tools to their Fairtrade suppliers, including market intelligence and pricing transparency. This allows the producer groups to understand our market, the dynamics of international commodity trading and the pricing structure involved in export. They also offer prefinancing when requested, which allows producer groups to purchase seeds for trial plantings, and to purchase packaging to start the season.
  • They constantly work to promote Fairtrade to their customers, with market reports, promotional and POS materials, information about visits to producer groups and much more.
  • Outside of the Fairtrade system, during 2017 Discovery matched almost $10,000 in donations collected from customers to help one of their Peruvian banana suppliers recover from severe flooding.

The Canadian Fairtrade Awards recognize exceptional Fairtrade supporters and are an opportunity to celebrate all of the great work done in the year by businesses, organizations and individuals.