10 October, 2018

Vanessa D’Antico – 2017 Ambassador of the Year and Fairtrade All-Star

Vanessa D'Antico
by Ian Brown, Fairtrade Canada

Continuing our series of posts looking at the winners of the Canadian Fairtrade Awards, today we’re looking at a double winner – Vanessa D’Antico, who was the winner of the 2017 Ambassador of the Year award, as well as being named the 2017 Fairtrade All-Star.

Our Fair Trade Ambassador program was introduced in 2017 to recognize individuals who are leaders in the movement. Vanessa is the first winner of the Ambassador of the Year award. The Fairtrade All-Star award recognizes an individual for their outstanding contributions to the promotion of Fairtrade certified products in their community and throughout the country. Some notes about what made Vanessa a double winner:

  • She supports the fair trade movement “because of all of the benefits that it provides to disadvantaged producers, including a more just share of earnings generated from their products and the opportunity to reinvest those earnings effectively.”
  • Vanessa has worked with management and food service representatives at Concordia university to help with their understanding of the importance of fair trade and the added value it brings to campus. Concordia has switched to a local Fairtrade coffee roaster, 100% Fairtrade sugar and bananas, and now has Fairtrade cotton t-shirts available on campus.
  • She puts a lot of work into advocacy on campus, holding events, creating signage, building partnerships with other university services and training food service staff on how to communicate about Fairtrade to their customers.
  • She has also used her knowledge of the Fair Trade Campus program to help other food service colleagues attain the designation for their universities, including Laurier and Carleton.

“I was introduced to my first Fair Trade Conference last year and was inspired by all of the people involved with the fair trade movement. Upon my return home, I started brainstorming the ways that I could get more involved with fair trade. I am proud to work amongst likeminded people who support workers of the global south and I am honoured to accept the 2017 Ambassador of the Year Award and the 2017 Fairtrade All-Star Award.”

The Canadian Fairtrade Awards recognize exceptional Fairtrade supporters and are an opportunity to celebrate all of the great work done in the year by businesses, organizations and individuals.