30 April, 2019

Why We Choose Fairtrade: The Story of Rumble Supershakes

by Martin Nikleva, Rumble Supershakes

Sometimes it seems like the ‘nutrition’ aisle of the grocery store is a misnomer - it’s often stacked with products full of artificial ingredients and flavours, with taste to match. This is especially so in Canada, where there is a lack of natural alternatives to the big, ready-to-drink nutrition and protein shakes available in stores today.

RumbleOur founder, Paul Underhill, felt this deficiency more than most. Paul was born with cystic fibrosis, a genetic lung condition that requires him to supplement his diet with quality, balanced nutrition for optimal health. A self-proclaimed health nut, Paul started making his own delicious and natural shakes in his kitchen. It didn’t take long for him to figure out that others could benefit from his tinkering, so he set out to start a business.

From the outset, our mission at Rumble has always been to make the most healthy, most tasty, all-natural supershake (easy, right?). Part of that commitment means doing whatever we can to ensure a happy, healthy planet (people included).

This January, we launched our newest version of Rumble, with a double-down on that promise of health and sustainability. The new Dutch Cocoa Rumble Supershake not only contains 20 grams of grass-fed protein, a hearty helping of Omega 3’s, 5 grams of fibre, and awesome organic veggies, but we’re also excited to finally be able to include Certified Fairtrade organic cocoa!

The growth of our business gave us the opportunity to revisit our original recipes and think about how we could be doing better for our customers, our planet, and everyone involved in our supply chain. In addition to adding grass-fed protein and Fairtrade organic cocoa, we also switched to a more environmentally friendly, paper-based carton, and have increased the efficiency of our shipping to lower our carbon footprint.

These decisions aren’t always about dollars and cents - they’re about the impact our company makes, and the impact of each and every carton of Rumble. At Rumble, we measure impact in the stories we get from customers about how our supershake fuels their runs, how it keeps their kids full before hockey practice, how it satisfies their afternoon cravings, or how it’s the only thing their mom can drink while in the hospital. These stories matter, but so do the other stories - how our carton is made, how our cocoa is harvested, and how our supply chain involves real people around the globe.

You can’t have health without a community that takes care of one another. That’s why we choose Fairtrade.

Watch our video to learn more about Rumble, or check us out online!