11 March, 2020

Climate Smart Training Program

Climate Smart
by Climate Smart

The green economy has never been stronger, and the opportunities available for sustainable enterprises have never been better. All across Canada businesses are leading on climate action and taking steps to combat climate change.

Climate Smart is proud to be partnering with Fairtrade Canada’s licensees who are motivated to leverage their impact. The transition to the green economy is underway, and we want you to be a part of it.

In 2019, Ardene became Climate Smart certified and have reduced their GHG footprint across waste reduction, plastic avoidance, and shipping aspects of their business. 

“Climate Smart has made the GHG mapping process simple, turning a complex idea into a process our team could understand. We have learned so much through this wonderful partnership, from the differences between our Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, to the tangible reduction methods we can put into place in each scope.

The Climate Smart team has truly been an indispensable ally to Ardene as we continue on our sustainability journey. Here are some concrete examples:

  • Training sessions provided by Climate Smart’s very enthusiastic team
  • User friendly processes that make tracking our carbon emissions easy and fast
  • Concrete guidance on where and how to make large scale changes in our business”

Are you interested in participating in Climate Smart? 

Climate Smart is an award-winning certified B Corp organization proud to deliver practical and solutions-based programs to small and medium-sized businesses to profitably track and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Using a data-driven approach, Climate Smart provides innovative tools and programming to help businesses invest in more efficient technologies to deliver cleaner products and services. Distinct from other consultancies, the Climate Smart approach is capacity-building, meaning that businesses come away with the internal ability to analyze, measure and reduce their company’s impact.

Our training sessions are now available to businesses located across Canada with a remote offering and in the lower mainland on a quarterly basis. The next date to join is March 31st!

We need business leaders like you to demonstrate how reducing carbon emissions isn’t just important to fight climate change, but it's also good for business. 

The Climate Smart program includes: 

  • three half-day training sessions in a small-group format;
  • one-on-one advising with greenhouse gas management (GHG) client advisors;
  • access to greenhouse gas (GHG) management software tool (for one year);
  • The opportunity to train key staff and join a professional network of leaders to share success stories on climate action. 
  • Prepare quantifiable data on carbon footprint and environmental mitigation efforts to outline in reports, and demonstrate efforts to go beyond compliance and continuous improvement. 

To learn more about Climate Smart and our upcoming training sessions, contact Alex at alex@climatesmartbusiness.com and see www.climatesmartbusiness.com