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    5 ways to add some Fairtrade magic to your holiday season

    12 December 2018 by Gabriela Warrior Renaud, Fairtrade Canada

    1. At Home While you are busy treating your friends and family this holiday season, don’t forget about yourself! Take a detour at your local grocery shop, or browse online, and add some of your favorite Fairtrade items in your shopping cart. Here are some of my go-to holiday favourites:                  Dark chocolate advent calendar from Divine. Countdown the days until Christmas with this deliciously vegan Advent Calendar. As a s...

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  • World Banana Forum

    Shaping the Future of the Banana Industry

    8 November 2018 by Jennie Coleman, Equifruit

    Usually, at the end of a big event, there’s a period of rest & reckoning once the “dust has settled”.  Last month, Equifruit hosted meetings of the World Banana Forum (WBF) in Montreal, but those looking for dust to settle with be sorely disappointed:  instead, picture a room full of people, from wide segments of the global industry, looking to collectively stir up and blow away dust from the way the banana industry has been operating for over a hundred years. 

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  • Fairtrade Coffee Forum

    Celebrating 30 Years of Fairtrade Coffee at the First Coffee Forum

    19 July 2018 by Sofia Molina, Fairtrade Canada

    On June 20th, I had the opportunity to join coffee producers, importers and roasters in Amsterdam for the first Fairtrade Coffee Forum to celebrate 30 years of Fairtrade coffee.

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  • Ben & Alysha

    Celebrating Fair Trade Weddings

    4 December 2017 by Ian Brown, Fairtrade Canada

    While many of you have attended public Fair Trade Events, such as festivals or conferences, did you know that private events can also be designated  as Fair Trade? This year saw the first four Fair Trade weddings in Canada, with three in Manitoba and one in Quebec. 

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  • Quito

    Fairtrade Canada Visit to Ecuador

    28 November 2017 by Ian Brown, Fairtrade Canada

    Three staff from Fairtrade Canada recently spent a fascinating week in Ecuador visiting a number of fair trade producers. 

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  • Ethical Bean

    Go Fairtrade This Holiday Season

    9 November 2017 by Ian Brown, Fairtrade Canada

    This holiday season your gift-giving and entertaining can have a meaningful impact beyond the immediate gratitude of your family and friends. Buying Fairtrade certified products to give as gifts or to serve to your guests can make a huge difference in the lives of families and communities in the Global South. 

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  • Halloween

    Trick or Treat Fair This Halloween

    24 October 2017 by Victoria Ross, Fairtrade Canada

    The only scary part of your Halloween should be your costume. Be sure to look for the FAIRTRADE Mark when shopping for chocolates or other sweet treats this Halloween. Buying Fairtrade makes a significant difference in the lives of farmers and their families around the world. 

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  • Fairtrade

    Why Companies Go Fairtrade

    3 October 2017 by Helen Reimer, Fairtrade Canada

    It has been so exciting to see 52 campuses get involved with the 2017 Fair Trade Campus Week! I saw the same momentum building when I was a student in the UK and know that solidarity for Fairtrade here can help build momentum for bigger changes at all levels.

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  • Kick Ass

    Kick Ass by Kicking Horse Coffee – Product of the Year

    11 September 2017 by Ian Brown, Fairtrade Canada

    In a series of blog posts, we are pleased to be showcasing the winners of the 2016 Canadian Fairtrade Awards. The Canadian Fairtrade Awards recognize exceptional Fairtrade supporters and are an opportunity to celebrate all of the great work done in the year by businesses, organizations and individuals.

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  • Amber

    Back to School After A Fair Trade Trek

    29 August 2017 by Ian Brown, Fairtrade Canada

    Amber Minor is a leader within the Fair Trade Schools Program, having achieved the designation for the school at which she teaches – McKay Public School in Port Colborne, ON - in June 2016. The school’s commitment to Fairtrade is very impressive, and they won the Canadian Fairtrade Award for best Fair Trade School the same year.

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