Fairtrade Canada Feeds Empowerment for Fairtrade Month

Fairtrade Month

Notables like IGA and Ben & Jerry’s participate for the 3rd year in a row.

Fairtrade Canada’s FEED EMPOWERMENT campaign for Fairtrade month in May will have many retailers like IGA, Whole Foods and Federated Co-op doing in-store displays and flyer promotions on products bearing the FAIRTRADE Mark. Brands with Fairtrade products including Ben & Jerry’s, Prana and Van Houtte will be participating with online activity and retail promotions. And across Canada, workplaces, towns, faith groups and more that are designated Fair Trade will take part in World Fair Trade Day celebrations on May 12, 2018 – an international day of celebration for fair trade.

May is Fairtrade Month and Fairtrade Canada is calling on businesses, retailers and communities to Feed the Empowerment and not the exploitation of farmers and workers in the Global South by choosing Fairtrade products. Fairtrade is a global system of sustainable trade that helps farmers and workers earn a decent and fair wage for the products that they grow and produce.

“Don’t feed exploitation – instead, choose Fairtrade which pays farmers and workers a decent and fair wage. You support and feed their empowerment as real lives get changed through Fairtrade” said Julie Francoeur, Executive Director of Fairtrade Canada. “We want to bring awareness and action to the fact that when we feed ourselves with the food and drink we enjoy every day, we can at the same time feed the empowerment of the Fairtrade farmers who produced it.”

Whether it’s the bananas in our breakfast or the coffee at our break – we may think that by simply purchasing these goods, the farmers and workers who produce them will benefit. But unless those goods are sustainably sourced and traded under terms like with Fairtrade, they often don’t. Global supply chains and a legacy of trade exploitation often squeeze out the most vulnerable, and keep the poorest link in that chain from thriving – the farmers themselves.

The FAIRTRADE Mark is the most widely recognized and trusted ethical label in the world. In Canada, the FAIRTRADE Mark can be found on everything from bananas, tea and cocoa to sports balls, spices and gold.

To learn more about Fairtrade Month, go to www.fairtrade.ca/fairtrademonth or see our FEED EMPOWERMENT campaign at www.fairtrade.ca/feedempowerment.