Fairtrade in Canada – A Consumer Perspective

Fairtrade Canada

Fairtrade Canada regularly commissions independent consumer research about the reach of Fairtrade in Canada. The results of our Globescan Consumer Study for 2017 are encouraging, with many positive trends.

The study showed that consumers increasingly trust the FAIRTRADE Mark and feel positively about products carrying the Mark. In addition, Canadians’ understanding of what Fairtrade means for producers continues to develop, and many feel that Fairtrade products match their personal values.

Some key statistics about Canadian consumers:

  • 85% of those who have seen the FAIRTRADE Mark trust it and 73% had purchased Fairtrade products in the months leading up to the survey.
  • 85% of those who have seen the FAIRTRADE Mark feel that if a non-certified brand was licensed to carry the Mark, it would make a positive impression for them.
  • 73% of consumers would recommend Fairtrade certified products to friends or colleagues.

The most visible Fairtrade products in Canada are coffee, cocoa, tea and bananas.

Compared to surveys from previous years, Canadians are increasingly aware of the many ways in which farmers and workers benefit from Fairtrade. The following were identified by more than half of respondents as key benefits for producers.

  • Fair price paid to producers
  • Helps farmers/workers in developing countries escape from poverty
  • High standard of human rights
  • Safe working conditions
  • Prohibition of child labour
  • Ingredients from small-scale farmers in developing countries
  • Supports farmers to reduce impact of climate change
  • Extra money to producers (Fairtrade Premium)

Fairtrade products and their independent, third-party certification are more often seen as very positive by Canadian consumers who feel strongly about their personal values. The FAIRTRADE Mark is a label they are proud to be seen with, and certified products are seen as high quality and good value.

Fairtrade Canada is committed to ongoing collaboration with Civil Society Organizations, institutions, towns and businesses across the country to continue the growth of Fairtrade in Canada. As an individual consumer, when you decide to choose a Fairtrade product, you are telling decision makers that how you spend your money is an important part of your values. We applaud Canadians’ commitment towards fairer trade and better working conditions for farmers and workers in the Global South.