Rolling Meadow Dairy – Chocolate Milk Made With Delicious Fairtrade Cocoa

Rolling Meadow

Rolling Meadow Dairy values ethical food production. They work with local farmers in Southwestern Ontario to bring Canada great tasting grass fed dairy products. 

Their passion for supporting local farmers can even be seen on a global level: they use Fairtrade certified cocoa and sugar to make their chocolate milks! This means that the cocoa and sugar are produced by farmer organizations that meet Fairtrade Standards. These Standards are in place to protect the rights of small-scale farmers and workers and help to improve their working and living conditions. The next time you enjoy your next cup of Rolling Meadow Dairy’s Classic Chocolate Milk and Dark Chocolate Milk, you can feel great! You can find their products in the natural food section of many grocery and independent food stores. Click here to find out more: