Teagosa - Canada’s New Coffee with Benefits!


Teagosa has pioneered a revolutionary blend of coffee and green tea.

At last, the herbal benefits of green tea are attainable within a coffee beverage. The founders started their exploration for the perfect bean by traveling to Nicaragua to discover the perfect Fairtrade farm. This exploration took part in primarily rural areas of Matagalpa, where Arabica beans are harvested. In the process they observed the ethical working practises, safe conditions, and fare wages amongst employees within the Fairtrade cooperatives. The founders had the amazing opportunity to assist two farms with their annual harvest. “The work load can be extremely cumbersome, so it’s common to find large families participating on the farms,”– Bernadette Beck, Co-founder. A bond was formed between the founders and the families within the farming community. “Teagosa stands for transparency from crop to cup, which can only be possible by walking in the farmer’s shoes,”– Eric Bullock, Co-founder. 

Teagosa is available for purchase in retail stores within Western Canada and online at www.teagosa.com