Fruits and Vegetables

Fairtrade-certified avocados, grapefruit and pineapple are starting to be seen in Canadian supermarkets while the Fairtrade banana takes the lead as Canada’s fastest growing Fairtrade fruit. 

Visit our Fairtrade MVPs page to learn about Canadian leaders in Fairtrade, or consult our interactive list of registered brands and companies that sell Fairtrade certified products in Canada. Contact them to find out where to buy in your area.

banana workerThe price of a banana bought by the Canadian consumer however, has dropped in the last decade. The result for farmers and workers in countries like Colombia and the Dominican Republic is that growing bananas for a living is becoming unsustainable.

But buying Fairtrade bananas in Canada means that producers are guaranteed a Minimum Price, get an extra Premium to invest in their community and have improved workplace conditions and protection.

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Fairtrade Impact in Infographics


Figures shown are global data for 2014, taken from the 7th edition of the Monitoring the Scope and Benefits of Fairtrade report. Financial figures have been converted to Canadian Dollars and are estimates only.