Become a licensee

Become a licensee 


    There are several sections to the Licensee Application Form:

       - General Information

       - Form A: Company Application

       - Form B: Product Application – this includes the Product Composition Section

    Fill out the Application Form in its entirety and submit it to Fairtrade Canada will follow up with you to confirm your information and that your suppliers are in good standing.  If you are not yet purchasing from a Fairtrade supply chain, we can provide assistance around sourcing.

    Contact us at for more information.


       - Once your supply chain has been checked and the information in your Application Form has been verified, we will issue a License Agreement.

       - Return the License Agreement to us as instructed. The Agreement will then be counter-signed by a Fairtrade Canada executive and a copy mailed to you for your records.  You now hold a license to use the FAIRTRADE Mark on products that meet our requirements.


       - Part of the Fairtrade certification process for your product is the submission and approval of all packaging artwork which carries the FAIRTRADE Mark.

       - Once you are licensed, you will receive a Mark Use manual and FAIRTRADE Mark graphic files.    The manual explains how to ensure your artwork is compliant, including how to use the word Fairtrade. Please send all packaging artwork for approval to

       - Once you’ve received approval for your product artwork, your products can now be marketed as Fairtrade and carry the approved FAIRTRADE Mark

       - Please note that the FAIRTRADE Mark is a registered trademark of Fairtrade International and it must always be approved by Fairtrade Canada prior to publication.

Selling your products internationally

If you wish to sell your Fairtrade certified products into international markets, approval must be sought from the National Fairtrade Organisation in the relevant destination country. Fairtrade Canada will process this approval on your behalf. Please indicate your intention to sell cross-border on your Application Form, or keep us informed should the opportunity arise.