Some companies may need to register as a Fairtrade trader rather than as a Fairtrade licensee.

Traders are usually companies who sell unfinished Fairtrade products, raw materials and ingredients to other Fairtrade registered companies who are either also acting as traders or are licensees making a finished Fairtrade product.

Reasons you may need to apply to become a Fairtrade trader include:

  • You want to take ownership of unfinished Fairtrade products or ingredients. You do not have to process or alter the Fairtrade products in order to be considered a Fairtrade trader. You could be storing ingredients or taking documentary ownership only.
  • You intend to sell unfinished products to a registered Fairtrade operator.
  • You are not already licensed by Fairtrade Canada, Fairtrade International or any other Fairtrade Labeling Initiative to use the FAIRTRADE Mark on finished products.

Traders selling within Canada and wanting to register with Fairtrade Canada must complete the Application Form and sign a registration agreement where full supply chains for the products being traded must be provided. If you are selling any of your Fairtrade products outside of Canada, please contact Fairtrade International 

If you want to use the FAIRTRADE Mark on a product, you must register as a licensee. Go to the Become a Licensee page.