February 2016 - treat everyone (including yourself) with Fairtrade chocolate, flowers, wine and gold!

Every month Fairtrade Canada puts the spotlight on one or more Fairtrade certified product categories. This month we celebrate chocolate, flowers, wine and gold.

Romance is in the air, and everyone’s getting ready to spoil their loved ones. Our earth needs a little extra love too, so why not choose a sustainable gift? This Valentine’s day, be a climate superhero to both your sweetheart and the planet.


Climate change is not fair. In fact, countries of the Global South have contributed the least to this growing problem and are currently the most affected. Unpredictable weather patterns, floods, and temperature changes, mean many farmers need to adapt their practices or risk losing their livelihoods.

This could affect you as well.  Industry experts think that by 2050 the productivity of cocoa, flowers, wine grapes, coffee, tea and cotton will be severely affected, and production in some areas might even disappear.

Who wants to say goodbye to chocolate? We sure don’t!

What can I do?

You have the power to support sustainable agricultural practices and show solidarity with farmers and workers marginalized by trade through the purchase of Fairtrade products.

This Valentine’s day, when you give your loved ones gifts of luscious chocolate or glorious flowers, make sure they’re Fairtrade certified. If you celebrate with a glass of wine, choose a Fairtrade bottle from South Africa, Argentina or Chile. For the ultimate gift, a luxurious Fairtrade gold ring or other jewelry truly shows how much you care.

Products carrying the FAIRTRADE Mark have the following:

  • No use of genetically modified organisms (Non-GMO) 
  • Sustainable water use 
  • Proper, sustainable and safe management of waste 
  • Protection and enhancement of biodiversity 
  • Maintenance of soil fertility 
  • Minimization of energy use (especially energy from non-renewable resources) 
  • Minimized and safe use of agrochemicals 
  • Farmers are encouraged to adopt organic production processes over time and subject to local conditions

Watch how Fairtrade is making sure the voices of smallholder farmers are heard as they confront a changing climate.

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