Fairtrade Month


Each year in May we celebrate all things Fairtrade – from the 1.66 million Fairtrade farmers and workers in the Global South, to the 200+ licensees and traders dedicated to Fairtrade in Canada. We have hundreds of designated Fair Trade Programs that include Workplaces, Towns, and Campuses, and countless Canadians who buy Fairtrade products on a regular basis.

Every action – small or big - creates a ripple effect that will benefit the farmers and workers that depend on the Fairtrade system. So whether it’s making sure your morning coffee is Fairtrade certified, or working to make your city Fair Trade designated, when you choose Fairtrade, farmers and workers can invest in themselves and their families and educate their children, improve their housing, and earn more for their crops.

For Fairtrade Month this May, we’re asking you to feed empowerment and not exploitation. You can do that by choosing Fairtrade during World Fair Trade Day on May 12, 2018, or celebrate with us throughout the month of May with our retailers, businesses and communities. Here’s how:

Fairtrade Month at Retail

During Fairtrade Month, retailers will be showcasing to shoppers the wide variety of Fairtrade products that they have in store with price specials, products on display, signage and more. Whether you’re a shopper looking to purchase, or a retailer eager to highlight the commitment you’ve made to stocking Fairtrade products, learn more about our retail program here.

Fairtrade Month for Business

Many businesses are involved with buying, selling or distributing Fairtrade products, and they all play a role in empowering Fairtrade farmers and workers. If you are a Fairtrade business and want to increase awareness and sales during Fairtrade Month, click here.

Fairtrade Month in Your Community

It’s time get together as many people as possible in your community, school or workplace to help empower the farmers and workers that work hard for the things we depend on. How? We have lots of ideas on what you can do to get active and have fun. Check them out.

Social Media

Get social with us and find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!  Take a look at our Tumblr page to see activities happening across the country and use the following hashtags!

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Video is a great way to share the Fairtrade story with others. Check out our video selection on YouTube and use them to upload to your website, social media or blog.