Using the Mark as a business

Here are some questions and answers to help you learn about using the FAIRTRADE Mark as a business.

  • Can I add the FAIRTRADE Mark to my own business materials?

    Yes, but artwork must be submitted to Fairtrade Canada for approval. Please email with details of the Fairtrade products you sell, the brand name(s) and supplier name, and a complete sample of your artwork

  • How do I use the Mark on packaging?

    Please go to our For Business pages for information on packaging requirements.

  • I want to promote Fairtrade in my business. How can Fairtrade Canada help?

    We have a wide range of business resources to help you and your company promote Fairtrade products. Contact us at to learn more.

  • Can I get merchandising material?

    Yes. We offer merchandising POS material as high-res digital files for use at retail. Work with our marketing team to explore customizing them for your business. Have a look at what’s available here.