Meet the Fairtrade Canada team

Fairtrade Canada is part of the global Fairtrade system that encompasses Fairtrade International, our parent organization, along with regional producer networks, and other national organizations like ours in countries all over the world.

Who is Fairtrade Canada?

Fairtrade Canada is the Canadian member of Fairtrade International. We are a national, non-profit organization and independent certifier that supports, promotes and advocates for fair terms of trade for farmers and workers disadvantaged by unfair global trade structures. Fairtrade represents better prices, decent working conditions and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers. We work with farmers and workers to get a better deal so they can strengthen in their businesses and communities.

Headshot of Julie Francoeur

Fairtrade Canada is proud to be part of this global network that includes almost 2 million farmers and workers. The team continues to grow in numbers, but also in courage, in kindness, and in passion; striving to make a real difference for what matters to us most: people and the planet.

Julie Francoeur

Our Team

Catherine Vidal

Senior Editorial and Campaigns Manager

Debbie Kealey

Accounting and Finance

Gariné Aintablian

Senior Business Partnerships Manager

Helen Reimer

Director of Business Development

Ian Brown

Data Manager

Idir Fenek

Business Partnerships Manager

Janet Riehm

Director of Finance and Administration

John Marron

Director of Commercial Relations

John Young

Senior Advisor - Data and Quality Management

Kathryn Derkatz

Commercial Relations

Loïc de Fabritus Gautier

Senior Manager of Advocacy and Citizen Engagement

Maria Gallardo

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Mikaila Boyd

Business Partnerships Manager

Nicholas Raymond

Business Engagement Coordinator

Pippa Rogers

Director of Marketing and Communications

Rob Desson

Business Partnerships Manager

Stilyana Stoimenova

Licensing Manager

Leaders around the world

We believe that it is critical to have a wide variety of people at the governing table – most importantly, the people producing the commodities themselves. Fairtrade farmers and workers have representation at all levels of governance, including 50% of decision-making power in the general assembly.

Our volunteer board of directors meets regularly to oversee the corporation and provide strategic guidance. Our AGM allows the membership to receive updates on the operations of the organization, and vote on important matters. Our Annual Reports and Financial Statements can be found in our Fairtrade Sales section. 

Canadian board of directors

Valantina Amalraj

Chair (CSO - Fair Trade Toronto)

Kuljit Rakhra

Vice Chair (Licensee - Takasa)

Eugene Ellmen

Treasurer (Independent)

Madison Hopper

Secretary (Licensee - Equifruit)

Vera Belazelkoska

Director (Independent)

Oliver Bertrand Fontaine

Director (Licensee - Café Faro)

Claudette Torbey

Director (CSO - Concordia University)

Mike Yarymowich

Director (Aramark)

To contact the board of directors of Fairtrade Canada, please send an email to [email protected]

Fairtrade Canada Membership

Did you know your organization could become a member of Fairtrade Canada?

As a non-profit organization, Fairtrade Canada is governed by a board elected by its members. Membership is open to Fairtrade licensees and civil society organizations who are contributing to the fair trade movement.

By becoming a member, you could have a formal voice at Fairtrade Canada’s annual general meeting and the ability to nominate candidates to the board. It will also demonstrate your support for Fairtrade Canada’s values, mission and vision.