The Association of Small Producers of Saman and Anexos (APPBOSA) has been Fairtrade certified since the end of 2003.

Back in 2003, when around a hundred farmers founded Asociación de Productores de Saman y Anexos (APPBOSA), they never dreamed that five years later their association would be the first to have a banana transport cableway in Peru.

APPBOSA members possess small parcels of land, almost entirely used for banana production.  Thanks to the cableway, the farmers no longer carry the bunches of bananas on their backs from the tree to the packing station. The cableway takes the strain, improving efficiency and cutting costs. The new system also increases the percentage of non-blemished fruit suitable for export.

The installation of the cableway in April 2008 was only possible thanks to the determination of APPBOSA members and the extra money that they have received through the Fairtrade Premium.

Consumers can be certain that the Fairtrade Premium has been used in a responsible manner to help strengthen our organization. I invite them to come to Peru and see it themselves.

Valentin Ruiz

APPBOSA member.

The Association has been Fairtrade certified since the end of 2003 and has been receiving Fairtrade Premium since April 2004. The cableway is the latest in a series of productivity improvements.

In December 2007, APPBOSA opened a plant to pack their bananas for export, supported by the FLO Producer Business Unit and their exporter.

APPBOSA is inspiring other banana producer organizations located in Valle del Chira, on the northern coast of Peru. They are now planning similar projects, so hopefully cableways will become a common sight in Valle del Chira. 

Fairtrade Premium use

More recently, the latest major investment of the Fairtrade Premium has been to build a brand new coop, a few miles away from the former one

Through Fairtrade, APPBOSA has been able to provide social services, workshops and programs that have made a substantial impact in the community. Being Fairtrade certified not only means that the growers get a fair price, but more importantly that they aren’t at the whim of the fluctuating commodity markets and have financial security that has allowed them to prosper. 

Depending on what the coop member needs or would like to benefit from, the Fairtrade Premium can be used for Medical insurance, scholarships, a microcredit program, technical training, adult literacy programs, English lessons, women empowerment initiatives, cultural activities such as traditional costumes and dance, sponsorship of local soccer teams and youth programs including summer school.