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  • Cotton

    My Hope for the “New Normal”: A Fashion Industry Built on Care and Partnership

    21 April 2020 by Helen Reimer, Fairtrade Canada

    The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting us all in ways we never imagined. Yet when I consider my “isolation”, in a house with my own back yard, plenty of food in the fridge and the ability to work from home, I know I am incredibly fortunate. 

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  • Umano

    Clean hands for Fairtrade cashews

    7 April 2020 by Umano

    At the end of the summer of 2019, a shocking report dealing with the production of cashews in India alarmed fans of this increasingly popular nut. Watched by millions of Internet users, the documentary produced by French journalists revealed the inhumane working conditions and the mistreatment suffered by workers in hulling centers.

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  • Fairtrade Flowers

    Flower Power: The Growth of Fairtrade Flowers in Canada

    10 February 2020 by John Marron, Fairtrade Canada’s Director of Commercial Relations

    With the demand for cut flowers reaching its peak this month, my thoughts are with the thousands of workers in the Global South who work hard to ensure that Valentine’s Day can be celebrated in style.

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  • Camino

    Camino / La Siembra Cooperative 20th Anniversary

    17 October 2019 by Fairtrade Canada and Camino

    Ottawa-based worker co-operative La Siembra produces the Camino brand of delicious chocolate, sweet treats and baking products. They are currently celebrating their 20th anniversary and everyone here at Fairtrade Canada is looking forward to collaborating with them (and enjoying their products) for many years to come. We asked Mélanie Broguet, their product development and marketing manager, some questions about the history of the co-op and what fair trade means to them.

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    Investing in Women for a more Equitable Future

    5 July 2019 by Julie Francoeur, Executive Director - Fairtrade Canada

    What do you consider fair pay for a day’s work?

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  • Rumble

    Why We Choose Fairtrade: The Story of Rumble Supershakes

    30 April 2019 by Martin Nikleva, Rumble Supershakes

    Sometimes it seems like the ‘nutrition’ aisle of the grocery store is a misnomer - it’s often stacked with products full of artificial ingredients and flavours, with taste to match. This is especially so in Canada, where there is a lack of natural alternatives to the big, ready-to-drink nutrition and protein shakes available in stores today.

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  • Cotton

    Dear fashion brands, what are you waiting for?

    24 April 2019 by By Rossitza Krueger, Textiles Manager at Fairtrade International

    Fashion brands, we have some questions for you. It's been three years since Fairtrade launched its Textile Standard and Programme so workers in the industry can enjoy better wages and conditions. But the big players in the fashion business are still reluctant to sign up. Why?

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  • Products

    5 ways to add some Fairtrade magic to your holiday season

    12 December 2018 by Gabriela Warrior Renaud, Fairtrade Canada

    1. At Home While you are busy treating your friends and family this holiday season, don’t forget about yourself! Take a detour at your local grocery shop, or browse online, and add some of your favorite Fairtrade items in your shopping cart. Here are some of my go-to holiday favourites:                  Dark chocolate advent calendar from Divine. Countdown the days until Christmas with this deliciously vegan Advent Calendar. As a s...

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  • World Banana Forum

    Shaping the Future of the Banana Industry

    8 November 2018 by Jennie Coleman, Equifruit

    Usually, at the end of a big event, there’s a period of rest & reckoning once the “dust has settled”.  Last month, Equifruit hosted meetings of the World Banana Forum (WBF) in Montreal, but those looking for dust to settle with be sorely disappointed:  instead, picture a room full of people, from wide segments of the global industry, looking to collectively stir up and blow away dust from the way the banana industry has been operating for over a hundred years. 

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  • Fairtrade Coffee Forum

    Celebrating 30 Years of Fairtrade Coffee at the First Coffee Forum

    19 July 2018 by Sofia Molina, Fairtrade Canada

    On June 20th, I had the opportunity to join coffee producers, importers and roasters in Amsterdam for the first Fairtrade Coffee Forum to celebrate 30 years of Fairtrade coffee.

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