• Sukambizi

    SDG 9 – Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

    17 July 2019 by Pippa Rogers, Fairtrade Canada

    As part of our ongoing series of posts about the Sustainable Development Goals and Fairtrade, today we explore SDG 9, which aims to “build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization, and foster innovation.”

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  • Sukambizi

    Decent work and a decent income. It’s not much to ask, is it?

    10 July 2019 by Gelkha Buitrago, Director of Standards & Pricing, Fairtrade International

    There’s a saying in English: “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.” Put simply, it means that if people collaborate, they can often achieve more than if each person worked on their own.

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    Investing in Women for a more Equitable Future

    5 July 2019 by Julie Francoeur, Executive Director - Fairtrade Canada

    What do you consider fair pay for a day’s work?

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  • Camino

    Co-operation Among Co-ops Builds Future for Cocoa Farmers

    24 June 2019 by Camino

    Guest blog post by Camino – a brand owned by the La Siembra worker-owned co-operative based in Ottawa.

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  • Children

    One hundred years on – will we finally bring an end to child labour?

    12 June 2019 by By Anita Sheth, Senior Advisor Social Compliance and Development, Fairtrade International. Photo © Didier Gentilhomme

    In 2019 the International Labour Organisation is celebrating its centenary year. From the beginning, protecting children from labour exploitation has been a core part of ILO’s work.

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  • Fairtrade Canada

    World Environment Day

    4 June 2019 by Gabriela Warrior Renaud

    We’ve got a tiny (but mighty!) team here at Fairtrade Canada, but because of the nature of the work we do, we all carry an intrinsic understanding of the impacts that humans and industry have on our environment.  

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  • Cocoa

    Blockchain: The Answer to Everything?

    28 May 2019 by Catherine Thompson - Originally posted at

    If you’ve been reading the newspaper recently, you might be forgiven for thinking that blockchain is the answer to everything. From companies adding blockchain to their titles to boost their stock price, to sweeping statements about how blockchain will fix everything, it’s fair to say this technology is enjoying its moment in the spotlight.

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  • Nohemy

    SDGs 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth

    8 May 2019 by Ian Brown, Fairtrade Canada

    Continuing our series of blog posts about the relationship between the Sustainable Development Goals and Fairtrade, this month we’re looking at Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth, which directly ties in to Fairtrade’s mission and vision.

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  • Rumble

    Why We Choose Fairtrade: The Story of Rumble Supershakes

    30 April 2019 by Martin Nikleva, Rumble Supershakes

    Sometimes it seems like the ‘nutrition’ aisle of the grocery store is a misnomer - it’s often stacked with products full of artificial ingredients and flavours, with taste to match. This is especially so in Canada, where there is a lack of natural alternatives to the big, ready-to-drink nutrition and protein shakes available in stores today.

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  • Cotton

    Dear fashion brands, what are you waiting for?

    24 April 2019 by By Rossitza Krueger, Textiles Manager at Fairtrade International

    Fashion brands, we have some questions for you. It's been three years since Fairtrade launched its Textile Standard and Programme so workers in the industry can enjoy better wages and conditions. But the big players in the fashion business are still reluctant to sign up. Why?

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