• Cocoa

    Taking a Closer Look at Today’s Cocoa Industry

    7 July 2020 by Robert Desson, Fairtrade Canada

    Robert Desson is Fairtrade Canada’s Account Manager. By demonstrating the added value of being a Fairtrade brand here in Canada, he encourages companies to engage further with the Fairtrade system and promote their Fairtrade certification. In turn, this can lead to stronger, long-term commitments to support producers.

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  • Camino

    Camino / La Siembra Cooperative 20th Anniversary

    17 October 2019 by Fairtrade Canada and Camino

    Ottawa-based worker co-operative La Siembra produces the Camino brand of delicious chocolate, sweet treats and baking products. They are currently celebrating their 20th anniversary and everyone here at Fairtrade Canada is looking forward to collaborating with them (and enjoying their products) for many years to come. We asked Mélanie Broguet, their product development and marketing manager, some questions about the history of the co-op and what fair trade means to them.

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    Investing in Women for a more Equitable Future

    5 July 2019 by Julie Francoeur, Executive Director - Fairtrade Canada

    What do you consider fair pay for a day’s work?

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  • Halloween

    Trick or Treat Fair This Halloween

    24 October 2017 by Victoria Ross, Fairtrade Canada

    The only scary part of your Halloween should be your costume. Be sure to look for the FAIRTRADE Mark when shopping for chocolates or other sweet treats this Halloween. Buying Fairtrade makes a significant difference in the lives of farmers and their families around the world. 

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  • Support a Fair Deal for Farmers in 2017

    2 January 2017 by Ian Brown, Fairtrade Canada

    After the indulgences of the holiday season, many of us see the new year as a chance to think about how we want to improve our lives. When you’re making resolutions this week, think of how small changes to your purchases can make a big difference in the lives of producers around the world. 

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