People’s Choice Vote – Fairtrade All-Star

Fairtrade All-Star

As part of a re-imagined Canadian Fairtrade Awards, we invite the fair trade community to participate in our first ever People’s Choice vote, to decide who wins the Fairtrade All-Star Award.

In partnership with CFTN and AQCÉ, we have identified three individuals who are dedicated to the fair trade movement and who would be worthy of the title of Fairtrade All-Star. Each of these people have made significant contributions to fair trade in their community, volunteering their time, skills and resources to further the movement.

Erin Bird is a key player in the Fair Trade Calgary group, has assisted numerous groups and events in her community become Fair Trade designated, and has a personal passion for sustainable fashion.

Liliane Carvalho is an event planner based in Sherbrooke, QC; she encourages the events she works on to become Fair Trade designated, to support both the farmers and workers in the Global South and the many local businesses which offer Fairtrade products.

Mélissa Dubé has been a long-time volunteer with Fair Trade Ottawa Équitable, is currently developing a fair trade group in a new community, and has spent time in Bolivia with fair trade artisans.

Read more about each of our candidates and place your vote here. One vote is allowed per email address.