Campuses across Canada are committed to a living income for sustainable livelihoods


From October 28 – November 1, campuses across Canada will be celebrating the fair trade movement and Fairtrade certified products during Fair Trade Campus Week 2019.

As part of a national campaign represented by over 70 campuses across 10 provinces, students, staff, and food service providers will be participating in a week of events that raise awareness about Fairtrade and products that support sustainable livelihoods and a living income for farmers and workers of the Global South. By promoting and sampling Fairtrade Certified products donated by companies committed to sustainable business practices, Fair Trade Campus Week mixes education and awareness with fun events, free goodies, and give-aways.

In order to enjoy sustainable livelihoods, small-scale farmers and workers need to earn enough income for a decent standard of living, so they can send their children to school, eat nutritiously throughout the year, afford decent housing, save for unexpected setbacks, retain future generations in farming, and allow elders to retire with dignity.

Fairtrade is a global system of sustainable trade that helps farmers and workers earn a decent and fair wage for the products that they grow and produce. But in order to support a fair deal as consumers, Canadians must demand that more Fairtrade products be made available on campuses and in our grocery stores.

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