A Fairtrade Study Break That Leads to Positive Change: Fair Trade Campus Week 2017

Fair Trade Campus Week

In two weeks, we are getting ready to launch the 5th edition of Fair Trade Campus Week in Canada. 

With 48 Campuses across all 10 provinces, 23 sponsoring brands and strong participation from food services companies, this is sure to be the biggest Fair Trade Campus Week yet! We want to thank all participating Campuses, sponsoring brands and food service companies for their support in this year’s celebration. New this year, Campuses and other groups will even participate in the World’s Largest Fair Trade Bake Sale that will take place on September 28!

We’ve seen first-hand the positive impact that Fair Trade Campus Week has on bridging the gap between businesses and Campuses, and the tremendous opportunity to connect communities in support of Fairtrade. Kim Chackal, Sales Manager of Equifruit says “Fair Trade Campus Weeks helps facilitate a dialogue between suppliers and campuses on the subject of new products.” As a result, this past January, the Fair Trade Campus Concordia University, in partnership with Equifruit, launched an initiative to only serve Fairtrade bananas across campus. Find out more about Concordia’s Fair Trade Campus initiative. In last year’s edition, more than 23,000 students and staff received Fairtrade product donations and many, many more were engaged in regards to what Fairtrade means either in person or via social media activities.

Julie Francoeur, Executive Director of Fairtrade Canada says: “Campuses are first and foremost a place of learning. They have also always been the place where great ideas collide, revolutions take place and solutions to many of societies challenges are born. As the Sustainable Development Goals and the UN Guiding Principles for Businesses on Human Rights start to shape the way companies do business in the Global South, Fairtrade offers a vibrant concrete tool to empower development through trade. Campuses across Canada have been a force of nature for Fairtrade in the previous years and we are seeing companies and retailers across the country engaging with Fairtrade as a result of the deep commitment they sense from younger generations. Fair Trade Campus Week is a great opportunity for students to celebrate the impact they are having for farmers and workers across the world. That Fairtrade cup of coffee won’t only help you stay awake through that early morning lecture or to finish that paper, it also helps an entire coffee community!”

We look forward to seeing what will come from the connections made during this Fair Trade Campus Week!

In the meantime, make sure you consult our Digital Tool Kit for everything you need to make this Fair Trade Campus Week a success. There, you’ll find:

Bookmark our Tumblr page to stay in the loop and make sure to use the hashtags #FTCampus and #CampusÉquitable! Specific to the World’s Largest Fair Trade Bake Sale, be sure to use #fairtradebakesale and #ventepatisseriesequitables. Happy Fair Trade Campus Week to all!