Nut-Free Fairtrade Cocoa Spreads From Luisella Now Available


When Luisella’s founder Patricia Di Chiara couldn’t find a chocolate spread like the kind she used to enjoy growing up in Italy that was safe for her son’s school lunch, she made her own!

“We set out to create a chocolate spread that would create a better world around it through three primary methods. Firstly, we wanted it to be accessible to more people by containing no nuts, soy, or gluten. Secondly, we wanted to create a healthier choice for those moments when we do want to treat ourselves. Lastly, we wanted the production process and ingredients to be good for our world. This is where Fairtrade comes in.

One of our most important ingredients in all of our spreads is cocoa. The majority of our cocoa is sourced from Côte d'Ivoire. Cocoa is a very difficult crop to grow. During the growth process, it can be easily ruined if not properly cared for. Farmers have to manage for wind, sun, and various pests and diseases; otherwise, the trees can be damaged and lost. With correct and careful cultivation, the trees start yielding pods at their highest level of production by year five, and they will typically continue at this rate for about 10 years. 90% of this cocoa is grown by 6 million small family farms. The problem in our current global system is that for all this hard work, the cocoa farmers gain little from what is a highly profitable global cocoa market.

By ensuring that all of our cocoa is Fairtrade certified, we know that the farmers who supply us are being paid a fair wage. Fairtrade requires that the farmers are paid a Minimum Price that covers sustainable production, plus an additional Fairtrade Premium, which is used to invest in business or community projects, allowing the farmers to better provide for themselves and their community. As a company, we believe all people should be paid a fair and living income.”

Luisella Spreads are currently available on, in Ontario at certain Sobeys, Foodland, and other specialty grocery locations.