Rumble launches Supershake with Fairtrade Sourced Cocoa


Victoria-based company Rumble is introducing their new Dutch Cocoa Supershake - made with Fairtrade Sourced Cocoa - as part of a range of tasty, healthy drinks in environmentally-friendly packaging.

Made with grass-fed protein, grass-fed butter, and coconut MCT oil, this nourishing drink is thoughtfully loaded with tasty goodness to fuel life on the go.

Martin Nikleva from Rumble told us: "As we took this opportunity to renew and improve our formulation and recipe, we sought new suppliers and partners that would align with our core values while still offering the tastiest supershake out there. We couldn’t be more excited to release our new Dutch Cocoa flavour using Fairtrade Organic Cocoa for the first time ever. We hope that our fans will enjoy the taste and be as thrilled to support the environment, communities, farms, and the farmers themselves as we are." 

Following an appearance on CBC’s Dragon’s Den a few years ago, Rumble has been going from strength-to-strength. Find their revamped Supershakes including Dutch Cocoa sourced from Fairtrade and organic cocoa beans, in major retailers and natural food stores across Canada, and online at