Sobeys and Fairtrade Flowers


Sobeys led the way as the first national grocery banner in Canada to offer Fairtrade flowers from Kenyan farms in 2011.

In 2019, Sobeys deepens their sustainability efforts and commitment to Fairtrade flowers through the new Fairtrade Sourced Ingredient (FSI) program.

The new FSI flower program offers bouquets that combine the best of locally grown Canadian flowers along with flowers sourced from Fairtrade farms in Ecuador and Kenya. This enables more producers in Ecuador and Kenya to become part of Fairtrade by selling more of their flowers on Fairtrade terms.

The expanded Fairtrade flower offering launches in all Sobeys stores across Ontario on August 14, 2019.The full line up will include three FSI bouquets, as well as two bouquets sourced from Fairtrade flower farms in Kenya, and one bouquet sourced from Fairtrade flower growers in Ecuador. Look for one of the FAIRTRADE Marks on the flower wrapper to be sure you are buying Fairtrade bouquets:

FSI Mark:   FSI Flowers

Thanks to this increased commitment from Sobeys, Canadian consumers will now have even more options when choosing flowers that are not only of top quality but also ethically sourced.

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Fairtrade Flowers

There are over 50,000 flower workers currently partnering with Fairtrade to secure a fair deal for their work. Every day, these workers grow, harvest, pack and care for some of the world’s finest flowers so Canadians can enjoy them year round.

Fairtrade Certified flower farms must ensure safe, healthy, and sustainable working conditions for their employees. These farms receive a Fairtrade Premium of 10% for every Fairtrade stem sold, an additional sum of money that workers decide democratically how to invest. The Premium enables workers to invest in healthcare, infrastructure, education and other social benefit in their local communities.