Fairtrade Canada Membership

At the Annual General Meeting in October 2014, Fairtrade Canada enacted a new constitution under the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (CNCA) that opens up membership to Canadian licensees, partners and Canadian civil society organizations (CSOs).

What is Membership?

Are you looking to manufacture, trade or sell Fairtrade certified products? If so, we welcome your interest, but these activities are not covered by membership. Please visit other sections of our site to learn how to apply to be a licensee or a trader, or to read more about retailing Fairtrade items.

Membership is only open to:

  • Canadian companies that are already registered with Fairtrade Canada as a licensee, sub-licensee or trader, and which are in good standing.
  • Canadian CSOs that contribute to the fair trade movement.

Applying for membership indicates that your company or CSO supports the mission and vision of Fairtrade Canada and wishes to actively contribute to shaping the fair trade movement by participating in the governance of the organization.

Membership does not give you the right to use the FAIRTRADE Mark on products or claim to be certified by Fairtrade Canada. To do that, you must apply to be licensee.

The benefits of membership

The benefits of becoming a member of Fairtrade Canada include:

  • An active role in shaping Canada's fair trade movement
  • A formal voice by participating as voting members in Fairtrade Canada's AGM and in Members meetings
  • Associating with a network of like-minded groups
  • Access to Fairtrade Canada events throughout the year

How to qualify as a member

    To become a Fairtrade Canada member, an organization must adhere to the following:

    • Be a Canadian organization (a Canadian licensee or Canadian civil society organization (CSO) that is contributing to the fair trade movement)
    • Actively support Fairtrade Canada's Mission and Vision
    • Abide by the Membership Code of Conduct
    • Read and abide by Fairtrade Canada's Bylaws
    • Be accepted into membership by the process outlined in the Membership Policy

    Application Form

    By becoming a member of Fairtrade Canada, you help to shape the course of a global movement for trade justice! For any questions about the application process or to find out more, contact us at membership@fairtrade.ca.

    To apply, please complete this application form. We will be in touch once your application has been reviewed.