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Fairtrade is good for your business – choose the trusted independent certification that Canadian consumers are looking for.


Source and sell ethically and responsibly

Canadians are increasingly expecting companies to source their products responsibly, with third-party independent certification being the most trusted way for them to easily identify such products on the grocery store shelf. Fairtrade’s best-in-class Standards, highly-recognized label, and strong support for businesses make us the ideal partner to strengthen your sustainability claims.

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We Are A


Whether you currently source fair trade products and want to use the FAIRTRADE Mark, or whether you need help sourcing Fairtrade, we are here to help. You must be licensed by Fairtrade Canada to use the FAIRTRADE Mark.

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Small Roaster

We have a program just for you – Know The Source – an easy way for you to commit to Fairtrade coffee sourcing and promote it to your customers.

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Customer Service Business

If you are a retail store, food-service provider, airline or other consumer-facing business, your customers are looking to you to source products responsibly.

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We Are A


If you want to import Fairtrade commodities to sell to manufacturers, you need to be certified by FLOCERT, the independent certification body of Fairtrade.

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Did you know that by providing Fairtrade products to your employees and visitors you can be designated as a Fair Trade Workplace. This is a valuable tool in your corporate social responsibility program.

Our Commitment

Why Partner with Fairtrade?

We’re the world’s most trusted and recognised ethical mark with 25 years of experience in delivering real change to producer livelihoods. We work with hundreds of businesses, from retailers and global brands to small businesses. Our team of experts offers services going beyond certification, from developing a sustainable supply chain strategy, to resolving challenges within your supply chain, to helping you communicate about your sustainability commitments.

Fairtrade is Trusted by Consumers

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Strong Mark Recognition

80% of Canadians who have seen the FAIRTRADE Mark trust it as an independent ethical certification label.

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Trusted Products

More than 70% of Canadians who buy Fairtrade certified products would recommend them to others.

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Strong Sales

Fairtrade coffee and bananas sales growth outperformed both conventional and organic equivalents.

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In Touch With Consumers

Half of Canadians said that fair trade reflects their personal values.

Fairtrade is good for people and planet

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Producers are business people too – through Fairtrade they can earn sustainable incomes and invest for the future.

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Producers co-own Fairtrade, and by working together are empowered to make real change in their communities.

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Our rigorous Standards protect natural resources, prohibit the use of GMOs, and support adaptation to a changing climate.

Most trusted fair trade label

FTC MarkFFL MarkRFA Mark
Premiums paid to farmers and workers
Country offices worldwide3211020
50% producer ownership
35% of license fees invested in producer networks and programs
Accepted by Fair Trade Programs in Canada
Full member of ISEAL – the global alliance for credible sustainability standards

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How to use the Fairtrade Mark

The FAIRTRADE Mark is the symbol of our system, but what happens behind the scenes as a product with the Mark travels from the producer to the consumer?

Getting Fairtrade Certified

Get Fairtrade Certified in Four Easy Steps! Contact our team It starts by getting in touch! We will work with…

Business Resources

As a Fairtrade Canada licensee you have access to strong account management, powerful business tools, and free promotional materials.

Ready to Get Fairtrade Certified?

We’re in this together. Get in touch with the Fairtrade Canada team and we’ll work with you to better understand your business, your specific needs, and help you create a plan for getting certified.

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